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Are these tips really anonymous?
Read the 12 Quick Facts:
Quick Fact # 2 "Within 48 hours of Brian Gillis being pronounced dead, the SLO Sigma Chapter brothers left San Luis Obispo. They went to a campground about an hour away to avoid talking to the SLO Police, the press, and the Cal Poly Judicial Affairs. It is the opinion of many people trying to get justice for Brian's death that what they were really doing was getting their stories straight."
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The best way to get caught up to speed is to read the twelve quick facts that Brian's mom has compiled for us. Then - make sure your friends know about this website. We'll do our part to saturate the Cal Poly community with Brian's story so that he can get a fair shot at justice. 

Next step is to read Dan Blackburn's extensive article that recently appeared in the New Times in San Luis Obispo..

Finally, this website will be the public record for all matters relating to the progress in this case so be sure to check back often.
October 11, 1982 - April 4, 2002

SUPPORT CALIFORNIA SENATE BILL 476 - Amend the Manslaughter Statute to 10 Years
submitted by
Senator Dennis Hollingsworth

Our 19 year old freshman son, Brian Gillis, was given a fatal dose of GHB mixed with Gatorade on the night of April 3, 2002 while attending a  Cal Poly Sigma Chi Fraternity gathering in San Luis Obispo, CA.  After losing consciousness, his so called "friends" brought him back to his dorm room, dumped Brian in his bed and left him for dead.  After much investigation by the Gillis family and their attorney, a civil suit and 18 depositions later, the facts of who gave Brian the toxic mixture were revealed. Due to procrastination by the San Luis Obispo Police Dept. and District Attorney's office, the CA 3 year manslaughter statute expired before an arrest was made. As a result, Brian's killers and the drug dealer still walk free today.   In tragic deaths such as Brian's, three years is just NOT enough time to gather sufficient evidence to prosecute the guilty and convict them.  SB 476 will allow victims' families involved in manslaughter deaths (vehicular, weapons etc.) more time to arrest and convict people responsible for their loved ones loss.

The Gillis family is pleased to announce that Senator Dennis Hollingsworth has introduced Senate Bill 476 to amend the Statute of Limitations for Manslaughter from 3 years to 10 years.  Our goal is to see that SB 476 is passed by ALL Senate Committees and sent to the Governor's desk for signature in the fall of 2007.  To do this, we need many Letters of Support, which should be mailed, faxed or emailed to Senator Hollingsworth and committee members before the bill is scheduled to be heard in front of each committee.  The first hearing for SB 476 is on Tuesday, April 17th in Sacramento, CA.   Please support SB 476 in memory of Brian so others will benefit from its passage in the future.  Below is the contact information for all CA Senators and Assemblymen.

Aide to Senator Dennis Hollingsworth
State Capitol, Room 5064
Sacramento, CA 95814
Phone: (916) 651- 4036
Fax:   (916) 447- 9008

Your Legislature (by House or Zip Code)
California State Senators Public E-Mail Addresses
California Assembly Members, by last name
San Diego Channel 10 News - Interview with Attorney Martin, USD Law School & Mrs. Gillis
March 27, 2007
Senator Gloria Romero
Public Safety Committee Chair
State Capitol, Room 313
Sacramento,  CA  95814
Phone:  (916) 651-4024
Fax:  (916) 445-0485