Are Website Tips Anonymous?
The truth is 'Yes' and 'No'. Let me explain:

Obviously - if you have information about what really happened to Brian - then of course we want you to tell us what you know. To 100% assure your anonymity - do not send me or anyone else information using your email account - because that can be traced and I will even show you how.

On the homepage your will see a 'Anonymous Tip" text box on the upper left hand side. Any info that comes into me via this texbox is truly untraceable.

As far as identifying anonymous emails - here's how you can put on your detective's cap and trace them:

1. Click on 'Full Headers' at the top of your email. I use Yahoo but I believe all major email      companies provide that info.

2. Copy the ISP number. It will be a number that looks like 345.234.23.1 or some variation      of that. The ISP number is like a computer's Soc. Sec. #.

3. Go to 'Google' and search for 'Reverse ISP' and several sites will come up.

4. Paste the ISP into the Search Box in the Reverse ISP Website.

5. If you get a 'hit' (not always - but usually) it will give you alot of identifying info about           where the computer is that sent the anonymous email. i.e. (University of Maryland -           Engineereing Dept).

6. That is about as close as you will get.

In any case - if you have info on Brian - then please use the "Anonymous Tip' text box and that way the Gillis family can get justice for Brian and you know that you have done something very wonderful while still protecting your identity.


Dennis Mahon