Letter to SLO Grand Jury
March 15, 2004

Ann Schlegel, Foreman
Grand Jury  County of San Luis Obispo
1035 Palm Street  Room 236
San Luis Obispo, CA  93408

Re:  Request for a Formal Grand Jury Investigation  Death of Brian J. Gillis, on or about April 3-4, 2002

Dear Ms. Schlegel::

I, Patricia A. Gillis, respectfully request a Formal Grand Jury Investigation into the entire mishandling of the death of my son, Brian James Gillis, on or about April 3 - 4, 2002 in San Luis Obispo, beginning with the SLO Coroner's office to the SLO Police Department to the SLO District Attorney who has never personally returned any of my calls.

The fraternity brothers of the SLO Sigma Chi at California Polytechnic Institute in San Luis Obispo, on or about April 4, 2002, sacrificed the life of my son, Brian James Gillis. He was nineteen years old and a freshman at Cal Poly.

Brian was given a drink mixed with Gamma Hydroxy Butyrate also known as "GHB" and Gatorade, known as "FADERADE" at a Sigma Chi party on Wednesday, April 3, 2002.  We believe when he began to lose consciousness he was picked up by Sigma Chi brothers and possibly others at the party, driven to Stenner Glenn in his own truck, carried three flights of stairs, and dumped on his dorm room bed and left to die, or even worse, already dead. This was done so that the SLO Sigma Chi fraternity could avoid any possible criminal charges for the drug dealing that had been conducted on that night. This evil group of boys could have driven Brian two blocks to get medical attention.  All medical reports show that no alcohol or any type of other drugs were in Brian's system except for the GHB. There has been a massive cover-up since that horrific night, and I again respectfully request that the Grand Jury investigate this case for criminal activities including manslaughter and even murder. Here are a few key points that support my request:

1.Brian's dorm room at Stenner Glen was not taped off during (disrespect to my son) and after his body was removed (shoddy and inept work). The SLO Police had already decided not to bother with a criminal investigation right they and there.  Why? Brian's death was treated like an everyday occurrence in SLO.
2.The SLO coroner, Steve Harris, threw away all the clothing Brian was wearing without contacting our family on the advice of the SLO Police. Why?  Neither of them had the right to do that without my permission.
3.In a story written by Cynthia Neff of the SLO Tribune on 4-12-02, why did SLO Police Lt. Gary Orback state, " I have ruled out the possibility of Murder." The coroners report was not completed at that time and they had not done a Suspicious Death Investigation yet.  It was too premature to rule out a murder case then.
4.Thirteen depositions have been conducted since May 2003 to the present with several more scheduled in the next two months. We now know which Sigma Chi brother (Matt Heintz) gave Brian the GHB, and who (Blaine Edwards) was selling drugs at the party on the night of April 3, 2002 at Sigma Chi. All of this information was given in depositions under sworn oaths of Sigma Chi brothers in late July of 2003 and provided to the SLO Police Department in mid August 2003. The SLO Police refused to do anything to date.

The SLO Police and SLO District Attorney treated Brian's death like an everyday occurrence in your community from day one. I have never seen corruption so blatantly spelled out in my life. They do not  want to admit their shoddy and inept handling of this case.  Well, a good young man is dead and his murderers are still living in your community as we speak. They will do it again. This particular group of boys has a record a mile long in SLO (the Jason Stonehocker case in 2000), not to mention other arrests after Brian's death and their past lives.

I will provide you with any and all depositions, other documents, evidence and witnesses to bring this evil group of boys to justice for the death of my son. Please contact me at (858) 486-2302 or (858 )679-5423 at your convenience.  Thank you.


Patricia A. Gillis
12816 Amber Hill Lane
Poway, CA  92064

c: CA Attorney General, SLO District Attorney, The Honorable Michael Duffy, All Members of the SLO Grand Jury