Quick Facts
1.Brian's dorm room at Stenner Glen on Foothill Blvd. was not taped off with yellow tape during and after his body was removed from his room (Defendant Brian Schnarr's deposition). The SLO Police left immediately and never went back to his room.  They had already decided not to bother with a criminal investigation right then and there. Why? They had no respect for Brian's life and treated his death like an everyday occurrence in SLO.

2.Within 48 hours of Brian Gillis being pronounced dead, the SLO Sigma Chapter brothers left San Luis Obispo. They went to a campground about an hour away to avoid talking to the SLO Police, the press, and the Cal Poly Judicial Affairs. It is the opinion of many people trying to get justice for Brian's death that what they were really doing was getting their stories straight.

3.The Gillis family has contacted the SLO District Attorney's office approximately four times in the past two years. The SLO District Attorney has never been in his office during any of those calls, nor has he had the respect to return any of the calls to the Gillis family.

4.The SLO Police found defendant Adam Morte's wallet in Brian's dorm room when they arrived at approximately 11:00 a.m. on the morning of Thursday, April 4, 2002. How did it get there?

5.The Gillis family insisted the SLO Police keep Brian's Gateway Computer, but SLO Police told the Gillis family they did not need to keep it. On or about April 9, 2002, the SLO Police called the Gillis family at their Poway, CA home and asked Mr. and Mrs. Gillis to ship the computer back up to them.  Another case of shoddy and inept work.

6.The SLO Police kept Brian's cell phone, but never checked with Verizon about any activity that occurred at that time.

7.The SLO Police Department impounded Brian's Ford Ranger, but did not dust it for prints. Why?

8.The SLO Coroner, Steve Harris, put the time of death at 11:07 a.m., April 4, 2002, on Brian's death certificate. Brian did not die at 11:07 a.m. The coroner was instructed by the Gillis family on advice from legal council to do a more extensive autopsy to find out the exact time of death. Coroner Harris refused stating he was going to do what the SLO Police told him to do.

9.The SLO coroner, Steve Harris, destroyed all the clothing Brian Gillis was wearing without contacting the Gillis family on the advice of the SLO Police. They destroyed evidence.  Why?  Neither of them had the right to do that without the Gillis family's permission.
10.Several Sigma Chi brothers' in their depositions stated that the then suspended SLO Sigma Chi Chapter still handed out literature on Cal Poly premises during Rush Week after they were suspended and no one from Cal Poly stopped them.

11.Cal Poly violated the Clery Act by not notifying all new incoming students about Sigma Chi's suspension.

12.In a story written by Reporter Cynthia Neff of the SLO Tribune on April 12, 2002, why did SLO Police Lt. Gary Orback state, " I have ruled out the possibility of Murder." The coroners report was not completed at that time and they had not done a Suspicious Death Investigation yet.  It was too premature to rule out a manslaughter/murder case then.  Brian's funeral had not even been held yet. Note:  Retirement for Lt. Orback and Captain Bart Topham was only a few months way.
Brian Gillis
Brian's mom, Pat Gillis